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Aligning Consumers with Zero Waste

Zero Waste Speaker

Jacquie Ottman is on a mission to change consumption culture through the prism of zero waste.

Jacquie Ottman is on a mission to change consumption culture, especially in her hometown of NYC. The author of five books, and a sought-after speaker on green marketing and zero waste in the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America, Ottman inspires consumers, employees and local residents about living better and smarter by aligning with zero waste.

An expert advisor to government, industry and not for profits for over 30 years, she is superbly qualified to help businesses, communities, and multi-family buildings to help their consumers, employees and residents to reduce waste through communications, policies and programs that can underscore the lifestyle benefits of zero waste products and initiatives.


Popular Zero Waste Topics

WasteLess, Live Better:  Aligning New Yorkers With Zero Waste

Description: Everyone should appreciate how much trash he or she generates, where it goes, its impact on the environment, society, and our climate — and the key steps they can take to prevent waste from occurring in the first place. Doing so can help us all live better, save money, and cut down on the carbon — and can create opportunities for businesses who can align with emerging values around zero waste and resource efficiency.

In this highly engaging and interactive talk, Jacquie Ottman, founder and principal, J. Ottman Consulting and WeHateToWaste.com, helps consumers, residents, and employees discover the opportunities to reduce waste through enlightened approaches to recycling and reuse.

Key Points
How Much Do We Waste? Where Does it All Go?
Introducing NYC’s ‘Zero Waste by 2030’ Plan
What Every Consumer Needs to Know about Recycling
Deep Dive: Beyond Recycle to Share, Swap, Borrow, Donate and Gift
Take the Pledge to Cut Down on Waste

More details:  LINK HERE


How to Engage Residents of Multi-family Buildings in Recycling and Reuse

Description: Getting residents of multi-family buildings to recycle more and with less contamination represents a unique set of challenges: diversity, anonymity, lack of space and high turnover, among them. As being demonstrated by pioneering buildings in NYC, addressing such challenges can help to reduce costs, keep the building cleaner, enhance marketability and improve staff morale.  Jacquie Ottman and her team are taking notes.

This highly informative and engaging talk culls best practices, strategies and inspiration from NYC buildings that are engaging residents in recycling, reuse, and organics collection.  Pioneering building are organizing a team with resident participation, setting up infrastructure geared to the diversity of their residents, conducting education and outreach efforts aimed at training and myth-busting, enforcing and correcting errors and communicating positive results.

Every building is different! Learn what pioneers are doing to make recycling and reuse convenient, easy, and part of the social norm, While tapping into Ottman’s insights into how to customize these strategies to the needs and culture of your own building.

Key Points
Why Recycle, Reuse and Compost in Your Multi-family Building
It Starts with the Recycling Collection Set Up
Educating and Empowering Residents to Recycle Better
Keys to Enforcing Recycling in Multi-family Buildings                                               Measuring and Communicating Success
Beyond Recycling: Seven Ways to Reuse More in Your Multi-family Building


Beyond Recycling: Let’s Share, Swap and Borrow Our Way to Zero Waste

Description: Recycling is an important and necessary strategy for diverting waste from landfills, but reusing and sharing products is eminently better. Why? Reuse and sharing strategies prevent waste from occurring in the first place. They can also help communities and apartment dwellers not only cut down on the clutter and the carbon, but build social connections and help promote economic resilience.  In short, to help people live better.

This highly informative and engaging talk shares exciting ways that communities from Barcelona to Boston are using apps, websites, and updated forms of Yankee ingenuity to share, swap, borrow, donate and gift all manner of household items, clothing and accessories, toys, sports equipment and more. Participants will leave with action steps they can take to cost effectively institute more reuse and sharing in their own communities.

Key Points
Best Ways for Individuals to Prevent Ways through Reuse
How Communities — and Apartment Dwellers— Can Promote Reuse                           How To Measure the Success of Reuse Programs on One’s Own Lifestyle


What Marketers Need To Know About Zero Waste

Description:  Looking to communicate the ‘zero waste’ benefits of products and packages to consumers?  Want to demonstrate a corporate commitment to Zero Waste principles? Proceed carefully! The FTC has yet to define the term ‘zero waste’ as a marketing claim, and differing standards exist.  Confusion even exists over other zero waste-related terms such as ‘recycled’, ‘recyclable’, ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradable’.

Jacquie Ottman, an internationally recognized pioneer in green marketing and a certified zero waste professional, can show you how to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing, and align your brand with zero waste thoroughly and credibly.

Key Points
What Does ‘Zero Waste’ Mean to Consumers?
How to Make Credible ‘Zero Waste’ Claims
How to Certify Zero Waste via Third Parties
How To Credibly Demonstrate Your Corporate Commitment to Zero Waste to All Stakeholders

Watch Videos of Jacquie Ottman Speaking about Zero Waste

Highlights of WasteLess, Live Better NYC:


Beyond Recycling: Sharing, Swapping, Borrowing, Donating, Gifting


New Metrics: How to Measure the Impacts of Sharing

Where Jacquie Ottman Has Spoken about Zero Waste

Bard Sustainable MBA
Barnard College, Columbia University
Manhattan Community Board 8
Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board
Materials for the Arts
New York Society for Ethical Culture
New York University
Schwab House, West 74 Street, NYC
Sierra Club
Smith College
Sustainable Brands Conference
U.S. Zero Waste Business Council


What Audiences Say

Jacquie gave a presentation to our 640-unit West Side apartment house on how to reduce, reuse and recycle in line with the Mayor’s ‘Zero Waste by 30’ plan.  Her presentation was fun, fascinating and frank. What an engaging speaker!  Such great ideas about opportunities to reduce more in our buildings and neighborhood.

We all learned so much  from her last night and many took away practical tools that will help us put her ideas  into action. I think she got the best compliment from one resident who attended and is notoriously difficult to please. I ran into her today and she said that she self-admittedly is tough to impress (she was a teacher) but that Jacquie impressed her.

I will read her Resource Guide and share what I can in the limited space I have in our monthly “Update”.
Thanks to Jacquie for sharing her knowledge and experiences with us and for all she does to help make our world better.

                                                                                                                          -Rick Schulman, Environment Committee, Schwab House

I was so impressed by your amazing ability to inspire the audience with your enthusiasm and expertise! Presentations like yours are essential to helping bring sustainability understanding to the next level.

-John Cloud Kaiser, Director of Education, Materials for the Arts, NYC

I recently attended Jacquie’s ‘WasteLess, LiveBetter‘ talk and workshop. It was a great summary of the Zero Waste 2030 program in NYC and now I feel more knowledgeable about how to do my part towards achieving a zero waste goal. Who knew there were so many easy ways to participate?

– Jason Grant, Zero Food Waste PopUp Initiative

Thank you for coming to our building to talk with us. You are a great speaker – so knowledgeable, inspiring, witty, and friendly. I appreciated the way you got people to introduce themselves and interact. I was shocked at the impact of throwing away one paper coffee cup per day, as that is something I do and gave no thought to. I have been much more conscious since your talk.

I was very glad to meet the other residents of my building who are committed to reducing waste. During your talk about Live Better, I got the idea to host a casual open house for the neighbors on my floor. I want us to be more of a community! 

– Barbara Rice, Upper West Side, NYC Resident

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