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The World’s First Collection of Verse About the Stuff We Throw Away


“A refreshing, humorous, wonderful little book of writings” — Abigail Hartley

“Part factual, part humorous, all creative” — Stu Cowan

“Joyous!” — Alice Fleming

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If Trash Could Talk Poems Stories and Musings book by Jacquie Ottman


If Trash Could Talk Poems Stories and Musings Book about trash garbage waste by Jacquie Ottman Swap Share NYC

About ‘If Trash Could Talk’

Call it trash, garbage, refuse, discards, waste or scraps. It speaks volumes about what we buy, how long we keep things, how easy it is to get them repaired, how we can creatively upcycle, repurpose or find our stuff new homes — and why we should avoid buying some of them in the first place.

If Trash Could Talk celebrates creativity, resourcefulness and ingenuity — and living a trash-free life, joyfully and soulfully.


“Ottman loves sharing her ideas – and it shows” — Joy Fournier

“Who knew that dealing with trash could be so much fun?” — John Manley


About Jacquie Ottman

Jacquie Ottman author of If Trash Could Talk Poetry book about waste trash garbage dumpster diving in NYC

Jacquie Ottman, author, If Trash Could Talk has been dumpster diving in NYC since age four.

About Jacquie Ottman

Dragging home board games from the neighbor’s trash at age four, Ottman is a passionate advocate for zero-waste, a sought-after speaker, and author of five award-winning books. Learn more.

Jacquie wrote the sixty poems, stories and musings in If Trash Could Talk poems and stories for YOU — Anyone who’s ever taken home a doggie bag, rummaged through a vintage sale, or unabashedly served a leftover.

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Trash that talks signs illustrate It Trash Could Talk poetry book by Jacquie Ottman

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Got A “Trashy” Poem, Story or Picture to Share?

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