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Our Founder and Her Dream

Jacquie Ottman spots a new bookcase in the trash

Jacquie Ottman has been finding treasures in the trash since age 4.

WeHateToWaste.com was founded in 2012 by Jacquie Ottman, an expert and author on sustainability and green marketing. Since 1989, as founder and principal at the respected J. Ottman Consulting firm, she has been on a mission to meet consumers’ needs more sustainably by helping leaders like 3M, Johnson and Johnson and the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star Label encourage greener purchases and more responsible use and disposal of the products we buy.

Ottman is Now Trying to Make a Difference in a New Way

Her dream: That we will all live smarter, better, with strengthened communities — and with plenty of resources for generations to come.

Her specific goal with WeHateToWaste.com is to leverage her life-long passion for reducing waste and stimulate creative new ideas for aligning with a zero waste world.

With WeHateToWaste.com, Ottman specifically hopes to…

  • Make waste-reducing behaviors and lifestyles popular among all consumers by sharing the inspiring stories, practices and tips of  resourceful people around the world.
  • Cross-fertilize best community-based waste-reducing practices across countries and cultures within the context of an open, global forum. (WeHateToWaste.com traffic is 80% U.S., 20% ex-U.S.)
  • Create a unique social initiative with the potential to ignite communities around the world about specific steps they can take to reduce waste and influence others to live smarter by aligning with zero waste and specifically the facets of our ‘Trash-Free and Happy, Too Mindset’ .

Ottman personally moderates the discussion at WeHateToWaste.com, ensuring that a wide range of zero waste living topics are covered, and that conversations are open to all opinions and perspectives.


Jacquie Shares her Insights at this site, by giving talks and bespoke advice, and via her many published writings — event poems.

Learn more about Jacquie Ottman HERE