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4/2/19 Ecoplum.com
0x30 NYC

1/3/18 Grow.Acorns.com
How To Unload Unwanted Holiday Gifts for Something Better like Cash

        3/8/17  Be WasteWise: Does Recycling Create More Waste

4/22/16 BeWasteWisepress coverage of Jacquie Ottman
WeHateToWaste Named a Top 30 Waste Influencer

3/8/16 Our Town NY and The West Side Spirit
Op-Ed: Cut Plastic Bag Use

2/19/16 Fusion.org
Just Because You Recycle Doesn’t Mean You Create Less Trash—And that’s a Problem

2/9/16 City Limits.org
How New Yorkers can Reach Toward Zero Waste This Year

2/3/16 Our Town NY and The West Side Spirit
Refusing to Waste, An Interview with Jacquelyn Ottman

1/14/16 BestSelfology.com
The HateToWasteExperiment.  – Read all the months!

7/17/15 TriplePundit.com
The ROI of San Francisco’s Zero Waste Program

4/9/15 Grécourt Gate
Turning Trash to Treasure: Jacquelyn Ottman ’77 Shares Ideas for Reducing Waste

7/24/14 Sustainablebrands.com
Jacquie Ottman Talks About How She’ll Spend the Next 25 Years Eradicating Waste

6/18/14 MediaPost.com
Jacquie Ottman discusses WeHateToWaste.com and Why ‘Going Lean’ is the New Green

5/1/14 WasteWise.Be
Jacquie Ottman named as one of  be Waste Wise’s 30 Individual Waste Influencers of 2014

1/13/14 ToledoBlade.com
WeHateToWaste.com featured in “Wasted Food Is Wasted Opportunity”

11/6/13  TriplePundit.com
Jacquie Ottman tells the WeHateToWaste.com story as a featured Woman in CSR

10/22/13  ConsciousConnectionMagazine.com
Jacquie Ottman on Eco-Innovation

1/9/13  Sustainablog
Hate Waste? New Site Offers Community, Action Ideas

1/8/13  Sustainable Brands
Waste-Haters Unite! ‘We Hate to Waste’ A Strategic Resource for Consumers and Brands Alike

12/8/12  Mrs. Green’s World
Credible Green Marketing

11/27/12  Life Edited
When Life Gives You Leftovers, Make Leftoverade

8/30/12  Forbes.com
Junky Jacquie Hates to Waste and Other Modern Tales in Sustainability

6/21/12  ParkHowell.com
OMG, Jacquie Ottman’s Brilliant Green Mind is Turning to Waste