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We are currently seeking two Part-time Interns and a Freelance Graphic Designer to work with us here in NYC

Do you hate to see things go to waste? Are you actively figuring out how to live less wastefully? Wish every one would waste less, consume less, and share more? Aim to achieve zero waste in your life esp in New York City?

Then consider joining our team of highly creative and resourceful marketing, design, and social media folks who share a goal of helping people to achieve zero waste at home, at work, and on the go.

We are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan NYC, close to the Q, 6 and F trains.

We are looking for two highly motivated INTERNs with the following skills and experience (or desire to learn what you don’t know):

  • Community Development & Social Media  (Hootsuite, Mailchimp – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)
  • Editing, Writing and Content Creation  (Blogs)
  • WordPress.org (and or SquareSpace, Wix)
  • Video (iMovie)
  • Powerpoint, Prezi
  • Market Research and Consumer Insights Generation (SurveyMonkey.com)
  • Computer Skills (MacBook OSX, Google Drive, great keyboard skills)


GRAPHIC DESIGNERS:   Please know Adobe Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop (and ideally WordPress.org, Squarespace or Wix)

Send us your resume and cover letter (and design samples as appropriate) for immediate openings for part time employment, internships and freelance graphic design work to Waste Watching Jobs.



“Working with Jacquie on WeHateToWaste.com was a great experience. In a small business you’re quickly thrown into the mix and are given a lot of responsibilities in a variety of categories – from the administrative side to marketing to content and business development. On top of that, Jacquie’s approach to tackling sustainability, by applying her background to her passion, is truly inspiring and has stuck with me as I’ve moved through my career. I will always be thankful for my time with Junkie Jacquie!”

-Barnard 2015 Environmental Policy Graduate, Intern

“I truly cannot thank you enough for bringing me under your wing, and giving me the opportunity to intern at WHTW. You not only gave me valuable work experience and the chance to learn some new things, but also greatly helped me focus on what I want to do with my life career wise. I will do my best to keep your “place in the universe” advice with me as I continue to move forward. You are doing an incredibly job with WHTW, and I’m excited to watch it grow.”

-Fordham 2016 Environmental Studies Graduate and Intern

“Although I had worked in many office jobs prior to J. Ottman Consulting, this was the first time I felt that my opinion in the way the business was run was truly valued. In the first month of the job, I learned all about business models and played a hands on role in brainstorming a new model for WeHateToWaste.com.

I learned all about how to manage an online community by publishing stories and social media posts that would prompt positive conversation and debate. In this process, I became very knowledgeable about WordPress, Mailchimp and Hootsuite and developed a skill in crafting tweets and Facebook posts. I honed my skills in social media marketing and learned how to engage our audience though different social media streams.

One of the most valuable experiences I had during my time at J. Ottman Consulting was putting together and delivering a webinar to a major client, Ingersoll Rand. It was a great opportunity to be able to have been given a large amount of responsibility in this project and play a major role in developing the content and putting together the slides. This experience also included learning how to put together a compelling business proposal for a potential client, and I will most definitely be using these skills in my future employment.

Finally, perhaps the most favorite things I learned were all the wonderful ways to prevent waste in my life and the lives of those around me. I can really see a difference in the way I viewed the world at the start of working at J. Ottman and the way I see it now. I learned so many effective ways to influence others to prevent waste both in my personal life and work life and plan to base my entire career on waste prevention thanks to Jacquie.”

-Intern Fall 2015 from Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much, Jacquie, for the wonderful opportunity and experience I had at J. Ottman Consulting and We Hate To Waste. I really learned a lot about a number of different things. Having never worked in an office setting, learning the basics of office management and administrative tasks will help me for years to come. Client interaction through professional phone calls, and sending professional emails, is an important skill to have for the future.

I learned how to use applications such as WordPress, Hootsuite, SurveyMonkey, and Mailchimp, which I had little experience with prior to working here. These will be extremely valuable technical tools as I move into the corporate world. Writing a post for the website allowed me to improve my writing skills. Working with PowerPoint to help put together presentations for We Hate To Waste, and learning how to properly frame things in order to get people interested and excited, was very rewarding. Additionally, promoting We Hate To Waste through social media allowed me to understand the importance of making connections to similar business people with like-minded goals, and how partnering with others to spread the word is a key component of sustainability and success. I learned the importance of reaching a large audience who is passionate about your cause, and the value of creating your own audience by influencing others to be just as passionate as you are.

More importantly though, was the knowledge gained from your impressive background and experience with green marketing. Through monetizing We Hate To Waste, I learned how businesses can and need to be sustainable, but can do so while remaining relevant and competitive. I particularly learned a lot from your idea about “your place in the universe.” As I move froward and pursue a career, knowing I can create my own occupation and make sure it is aligned with my goals and personal values is very comforting and enlightening. Thank you again for this wonderful experience, and I wish you all the best with We Hate To Waste and the workshops! I will be more than happy to continue to contribute whatever I can with the little time I have available from afar, but please keep me in the loop!

Thanks again, Jacquie.

– New School, Winter 2015 Graduate Student, Intern

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