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Share ZeroWaste NYC

Share Books

Set up a little free library in your building’s laundry, office break room or other public space.

Share Umbrella

Hotels keep a stash of umbrellas with the doorman. Keep a few at your own front door or lobby.

Share Skills

Get stuff fixed at neighborhood repair events hosted by Fixers’ Collective or Popup Repair.

Swap Zero Waste NYC

Swap Locally

Pick up some books, housewares and other articles at GrowNYC’s free community Stop ‘n’ Swap events.

Throw a Re-Gift Party

Swap still new items from the re-gift bag. Here’s a recap of a party thrown by WeHateToWaste.

Pool the Leftovers

What’s left from last night’s supper can delight a neighbor tonight. Learn more here.

Borrow/ Lend Zero Waste NYC

Create a
Sharing Closet

Let fellow building residents borrow vacuum cleaners, ironing boards and more.

Launch a
Library of Things

The South Street Seaport has a free tool lending library. The Queens Library lends men’s ties to job seekers.

Stuff Online

Join Nextdoor.com, a new website that links neighbors by zip code, and let the borrowing begin.

Donate to
Worthy Causes

Find out how to donate to Goodwill, the Salvation Army and more at DonateNYC.

Our Favorite
Causes in NYC

New York Cares
Materials for the Arts

Donate in
Your Building

Drop-off clothing and textiles in a RefashionNYC box. Help out HousingWorks, too.

Gift/ Give Away Zero Waste NYC

Set Up a Free Box

Repurpose a carton in your building’s laundry, lobby or other public space — let residents ‘take’ and ‘leave’.

Give Food Away

Little free pantries and community refrigerators are popping up in Europe — why not NYC?

Join a Digital
Gift Economy

Free Your Stuff NYC: Queens & Brooklyn, has over 300 members and growing.

Let us at WeHateToWaste help you get started

Spreading the word about the power to share is how we at WeHateToWaste fulfill our mission: change consumption culture in New York City through the prism of Zero Waste.

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