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Welcome to WeHateToWaste.com

Jacquie Ottman, Waste Reduction Expert

WeHateToWaste.com founder Jacquie Ottman has been finding treasures in NYC’s trash since age 4.

Do you delight, like I do, in finding creative new ways to cut down on waste? Are you the go-toperson in your community or at work who volunteers to rally others to watch the water, recycle and compost, carpool or bike?

Do you believe that by reducing waste we can live better, conserve resources, enhance our communities, and save time and money that can be used for other, more important things?  Wish everyone else would, too?  Then WeHateToWaste.com is for you!

I’m Jacquie Ottman.  I founded WeHateToWaste.com in 2012 as a place where people like us — the super waste-aware green moms and ‘Green Team’ leaders, policymakers and town leaders, business leaders and thought leaders can share their stories about their practices and tips for reducing waste and influencing others to do so, too.

A life-long waste-hater with a passion for action and generating new ideas, my goals are to inspire others by shining a spotlight on the best ‘zero waste’ practices from around the world, learn some new things that I can incorporate into my life and my writings, and have fun doing it. Learn more about me HERE.

The stories here at WeHateToWaste.com are organized around a framework that we call  the 7 Facets of the No-waste Mindset. Learn more about our No-Waste Mindset HERE.

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If you hate to waste, you’re not alone!  I hope you’ll find community here at WeHateToWaste.com, and that you will want to share your own ideas and stories with the other ‘waste haters’ who enjoy sharing theirs.

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