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Welcome to WeHateToWaste.com

Jacquie Ottman, Expert on Resource-Efficient Lifestyle

WeHateToWaste.com founder Jacquie Ottman has been finding treasures in NYC’s trash since age 4.

We Hate to Waste is all about answering an important question: What does a resource-efficient lifestyle that people want to live, look like?  And helping to advocate for the answer.

Sharing Stories, Deriving Insights about Resource-Efficient Living

To get answers, I’ve created this website as a space for waste-aware individuals from around the globe to share the things that they do to live less wastefully. Then, by shining a spotlight on their stories in our blog and on social media, I can magnify their ideas, and hopefully inspire others to reduce waste too.

When I engage with our story sharers, I also get insights into what it might take to change consumption culture. I, in turn, can share my insights with others who can create inspired policies, resource-efficient products, even new forms of art that can move the masses.

Want to Learn What It Takes to Live A More Resource-Efficient Lifestyle?

A good place to start is learning to live with what I call the No-Waste Mindset. Learn more about it HERE. It includes a hefty dose of new ways to Share, Swap, Borrow, Donate and Gift.  (Who was it who said, “The greenest products are the ones that already exist?”)  Read some of the stories that have been posted about sharing, swapping, borrowing, donating and gifting HERE.

I am now starting to explore how sharing strategies can be applied densely populated cities like my hometown of New York City.  Look HERE to learn more.

How Can I Help You?

Feel free to browse the many posts and read the comments from like-minded individuals around the world. Get inspired personally, and take away some new ideas for resource-efficient living your own work and life.  If you’ve got a new strategy for resource-efficient living, share your story with us.

Want to tap into our insights for your community, city or business?  I’m available for a telephone conversation, a project, a keynote or thought leader panel.  Learn more HERE.

Want to talk more?  Feel free to get in touch with me directly.


Jacquelyn Ottman