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Jacquie Ottman, Waste Reduction Expert

WeHateToWaste.com founder Jacquie Ottman has been finding treasures in NYC’s trash since age 4.

We Hate to Waste is part community blog, part 24/7 focus group with waste-aware individuals from around the globe, and part advocacy vehicle. It’s a project I started in April 2012 to help answer an important question: What does a resource-efficient lifestyle that people want to live look like?

We all learned from Jimmy Carter’s failed attempt to convince people to turn down the thermostat that Americans don’t want to go backwards, they want to go forwards. They don’t want to sacrifice, they want to live better.

New ideas, innovative design and technology can help, but the only way to address our pressing resource constraints in the years ahead is by changing consumption culture.

So what does a resource-efficient lifestyle that people would want to live look like?

When waste-aware individuals share their stories and ideas, and engage in conversation with our subscribers and social media networks, my colleagues and I get insights into the answer to this question. And by shining a spotlight on their stories, we hope to inspire others to act, to build upon their ideas, and to pass them on to others.

do-you-hate-to-waste-as-much-as-we-doWe think we are getting close to framing the mindset that shapes that lifestyle. We call it the No-Waste Mindset. Learn more about it HERE, and let me know how it gibes with your own thoughts.

Is it time to share more?

As a strategy for cutting down on waste while helping everyone live better, I’m particularly intrigued by opportunities to Share, Swap, Borrow, Donate and Gift as the foundation for consumption culture change in our cities.

We are starting to explore how these strategies can be applied to my hometown of New York City, where I’m applying my insights these days. I’m sure you’ll find inspiration from our work for your own city or town. Look HERE to learn more.

How can we help you?

I hope you find our insights and the many posts from like-minded individuals around the world inspiring, and that you take away some new ideas for your own work and life. If you like, we can provide a platform for your own ideas when you share your own story with us.

Want to connect, share ideas, or collaborate in putting some of our insights to work for your community, city or business? Feel free to get in touch with me via email or phone.


Jacquelyn Ottman