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Aligning Consumption Culture with Zero Waste

Achieving zero waste goals takes more than diverting the cardboard and recycling factory scraps. Businesses, governments and communities at the forefront of zero waste need to align individual employee/ consumer/ resident habits with a new lifestyle and regenerative consumption culture.  The expertise and insights of Jacquelyn Ottman and her NYC-based team at J. Ottman Consulting can help. Put our 40-years of green marketing expertise and our insights about what it takes to align individuals with our proprietary No-Waste Mindset to work for your organization or community.

Consulting and Advisory Services for Industry, Government, Advocacy Groups

We Help Generate, Evaluate and Communicate Ideas That Inspire People to Consume Differently

Start by Dispelling the Myths:  If you want to get folks to recycle, drop-off their food scraps, and take other steps to reduce waste, you have to do a lot more than make it ‘easy’. You have to help folks think it’s a good idea to do so. Simply underscoring the benefits to them, their city, their environment is not enough!

Jacquie Ottman facilitating a Zero Waste NYC workshop

Jacquie Ottman facilitating a WasteLess, LiveBetter workshop on how to align with zero-waste living.

You have to start by dispelling the myths, misperceptions and other negative thoughts that make them think whatever you’re ‘selling’ might actually be a bad idea. And then replace those myths with new thoughts that help them change the way they see that behavior – the new ideas. This is what Jacquie Ottman and her team can help you do.

The Myths That Stand in The Way of Responsible Consumption and Disposal: For example, if people believe that recycling is a waste of time because it “mostly winds up in a landfill anyway so why bother” (a growing misperception among Millennials in particular), no amount of messaging letting them know how ‘convenient’ or ‘easy’ or ‘good for the planet’ it is will motivate them to pitch in.

Good Ideas Need to Replace Bad Ideas: So, if you want to get folks to recycle more, you may first need to help them understand how their actions will make a difference.

TAKING ACTION: Our Three-Step Process for Discovering and Effectively Communicating the Ideas that Work for Your Zero Waste Initiative, Product or Service

  • Conduct in-depth qualitative research to understand the perceptual barriers that exist to the desired form of environmentally and socially responsible behavior.
  • Generate and test ideas that can help remove the barriers. We develop the ideas, or facilitate your team in doing so.  Then, using qualitative and quantitative testing methods among members of your target audience, we help you identify the ideas that will be most motivating to your target audience or segments.
  • Oversee communications development for removing the barriers and getting people excited about taking part in the new behaviors. We work with your team to help evaluate TV, print, social media, billboards, editorial (PR) – the form of communication follows from the nature of the audience, the size of the task.

Keynotes, Talks and Workshops

A highly sought-after speaker at sustainability and green marketing conferences around the world, Jacquie Ottman enlightens audiences about new ways to ignite people about the opportunities to enhance their lives and communities through a strategic approach to zero waste.  Learn about specific Speaking Topics  HERE.

ThoughtLeader Panels

Bring in Jacquie Ottman’s ‘trained brain’ to compliment other expertise when solving a particularly tough challenge or ensure an ongoing stream of new ideas, inspiration and insights on how to change the consumption and disposable behavior of your consumers, employees or  community residents.

Why Jacquie Ottman?

Jacquie’s insights in the 1980s made her a pioneer in the field of green marketing. Since founding her firm, J. Ottman Consulting in 1989, she has helped guide the green initiatives of over 60 Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star and the USDA Certified Biobased labels. Today she is positioned at the forefront of the Zero Waste movement, with the goal of aligning leaders with the business opportunities associated with a circular economy and zero waste.

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