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From Mitts to Mixers, Kitchen Consignment Stores Make Good Use of Used Goods

These items were bought at kitchen consignment stores

Consignment stores specializing in kitchen ware are an excellent place to find reused items (Image: Classy Kitchen)

The island city I call home is chock-full of resale stores. When I heard another one was opening, I didn’t exactly jump for joy. Just another dusty shop filled with random clutter, I figured. But I was wrong. An intrepid entrepreneur was opening a crafting consignment store. No time to knit? Don’t throw out those needles. Sell them!

Durable, reusable sugar bowl from consignment shop

Durable, reusable sugar bowls like this one will let you cut out waste from sugar packets. (Image: The Classy Kitchen)

Resale Shops: From Kitsch to Kitchens

Curious if this was retail insanity or inspired genius, I Googled. The results made it clear that niche consignment stores are breathing new life into all sorts of used goods, connecting shoppers to great bargains while keeping unwanted items out of landfills.

Sporting goods, power tools, and toys are just some of the specialties that popped up. The one that really caught my eye was kitchen consignment. Visions of a reasonably-priced Vitamix danced before my eyes. So I clicked on the link for The Classy Kitchen consignment shop in Phoenix and boy, was I in for a surprise.

Consignment Gets Classy

Kitchen consignment stores let you get your dream kitchen products at discount prices

Instead of buying a new kitchen appliance, consider buying a durable used appliance for less, such as this classic KitchenAid stand mixer that will last for many more years. (Image: The Classy Kitchen)

This was not your grandmother’s consignment store. Owners Linda Klein and Terri Mainwaring have transformed a non-descript space into a haven for used kitchenware. Shelf after shelf in this homey boutique holds KitchenAid stand mixers, unused pots and pans, cooking gadgets, dishware, and yes, Vitamixes. The condition of each appliance is checked before it’s accepted for consignment, and the store offers a 72-hour return policy. Linda and Terri also host cooking and home entertaining classes right in the store.

On the phone, Linda told me that one of the joys of running a consignment store is learning the story behind each item. One customer brought in cups and saucers her godmother had used for sixty years to host high tea for friends. The next day, a recent retiree came in looking for these very items, so she could hold tea parties for her friends during their golden years. The cups and saucers found a new home and through the power of repurposing, a wonderful tradition lives on.

Consider Niche Resale Stores The Next Time You Shop

The next time you’re shopping for something new, consider something used. That item you need might just be waiting for you at a niche resale store—along with a story eager for a new chapter.

Got a tip for buying or selling used goods, or a tale to tell? Please share.

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About the Author
Karen Schiff is a freelance copywriter and content strategist in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in sustainable marketing. In between positions at marketing and ad agencies, she ran Ecobunga!, an online directory devoted to green giveaways and deals. She is an avid resale shopper, happy to both save money and put old goods to new use. For more about Karen, please visit http://www.bykarenschiff.com
  1. Brittany Calderon Reply

    I love the idea of specialized and niche consignment stores! Exploring antique stores is such an excellent way to find previously loved items to breathe new life into without contributing to landfills or breaking the bank. For schools and universities, I think this is a great idea to promote waste reduction at the end and beginning of the school year – promoting students to donate their old storage containers and desks instead of tossing them.

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