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We Hate To  Waste Prevention No-waste lifestyle, Zero Waste Lifestyle Sustainable Lifestyle Sustainable Living Waste Not Waste Prevention  Waste Reduction Prevent Waste, Minimize resources, conserve resources Waste Minimization zero waste lifestyle

WeHateToWaste is an online global community of influential consumers ardent waste haters  waste watchers official waste watchers who are passionate about preventing waste, conserving saving natural resources like water, energy, fuel and food,  and getting the most from the products we buy.  We collectively live and define The No-Waste lifestyle no waste Lifestyle the zero waste lifestyle sustainable lifestyle

The no-waste lifestyle consists of eight steps:  Less but better stuff, Durable not disposable Get the Last Drop Use Products Up Completely, Make Products Last Longer, Repair and Repurpose, Respect Food, Share Rather than Own, Live Smarter Smaller and Closer, Live Simply, Live More Efficiently and Recycle or Compost.

The site is a project of J. Ottman Consulting, pioneers and leaders in green marketing and eco-innovation. It was founded by Jacquie Ottman Jacquelyn Ottman, an internationally recognized expert in green marketing and author of The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding.

Some of the brands of the No-Waste Lifestyle include: Lush, Patagonia, Bricor, Tupperware Collapsibles, Rubbermaid Produce Savers.

Selfies with Reusable Coffee Mugs Help College Students ‘Kill The Cup’

How can we reduce the 50 billion paper cups that American send to landfill every year? Drew Beal's 'Kill The Cup' campaign makes a game out of switching disposable coffee cups to reusable mugs. Who will be the ultimate cup killer?
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How to Throw a Super Waste-free Super Bowl Party

If you’re like most Americans, Super Bowl Sunday means lots of snacks, beers, laughs, (or depending on your team, tears). It may also be one of the easiest days of the year to slip back into bad habits of buying over-packaged and single-use items. This need not be the case!  I can show you how to have a great Super Bowl party that’s even
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Make Holiday Hate not Waste

Our Top Ten Tips for a No-Waste Holiday

Our top ten tips for a no-waste holiday from the WeHateToWaste community, to help you celebrate in style while saving time and money, too.
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Kids simultaneously dropping food items into compost

School Kids Teach NYC the Benefits of Composting

Did you know Green Moms inspired the 2014 NYC pilot composting program? Sustainability Coordinator, Jenny Prescott, started a composting program in her daughter's NYC public school. The waste-reducing results will inspire you - and an entire city.
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An Alternative to Going Child-free in an Overcrowded World

 Some GINKs (that is Green Inclined, No Kids) will tell you that going child-free helps reduce impact on our environment. They’ve tallied up the material needs, food and water that their prospective child might consume over his/her lifetime and decided our planet with 7.2 billion people at last count just can’t handle it. Going
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