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110 No-Waste Stories — and Counting

Scroll through the stories that have been submitted by members of our community. They are sorted according to the 7 facets of the No-Waste Mindset so you can find what’s most relevant to you.  (You can also access the stories from the drop-down menu under “+NoWaste Mindset-Stories and Tips” on the main blue nav bar on the website. )

Then, consider submitting your own story of how you are reducing waste at home or professionally.  Learn how HERE.

Calvin Klein consumer culture

What Comes After Shopping? Strategies for Creating a New Consumer Culture in NYC

Think there's too much waste and wastefulness in the world? Jacquie Ottman offers four strategies for creating a new consumer culture. It fights waste, climate change and addresses the significant trash woes in her hometown of New York City.
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If Trash Could Talk: Poems, Stories and Musings by Jacquie Ottman

If Trash Could Talk: Poems, Stories and Musings by Jacquie Ottman

If Trash Could Talk contains 60 poems, stories and musings about trash, waste and wastefulness. Written by Jacquie Ottman, a passionate, lifelong waste hater, author, and zero waste expert, it will amuse, delight, and ideally, provoke and inspire a new consumer culture.
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Fixation book

BOOK REVIEW Fixation: How To Have Stuff Without Breaking the Planet

Sandra Goldmark, author of "Fixation: How to Have Stuff Without Breaking the Planet" provides well-researched solutions to systemic issues related to our throwaway society, with deep insights into why we want to keep — and fix — our stuff. It's a book well worth reading.
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NYC Swap, Share and Schmooze in Hell's Kitchen neighborhood

Swap, Share and Shmooze in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen

Want to learn how to hold a fun swap event in your community? Learn from the Swap, Share, and Shmooze event held in NYC's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Reduce waste and promote neighborliness.
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Leftover broccoli rabe

Eating Up All the Leftovers

Leftovers represent a BIG part of all the food that goes to waste in America. Most of that food winds up in landfills, contributing to greenhouse gases when it degrades. WHY is this happening?
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Pandemic Cooking

Making the Most of Your Pandemic Cooking

Jacquelyn Ottman, zero waste advocate and scratch cook explains the appreciation of food that she gained by cooking during the Pandemic.
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#ThinkTwice when shopping

#ThinkTwice Before You Shop

Next time you go out shopping, #ThinkTwice before you buy. The products you buy have an impact that reaches deeper than your wallet.
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Preventing Waste: It Just Feels Good

The reasons why we prevent waste aren't just about saving money or the environment - it also makes us feel good, and a whole lot more!
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free stuff boxes can help reduce waste in NYC

Ten Ways Residents Can Reduce Waste In NYC Apartment Buildings

Ten great ways apartment residents in NYC can reduce waste via free DSNY recycling collection programs, free online resources and low-cost methods for sharing, borrowing, swapping, repairing and more with neighbors. Four strategies for measuring success, too.
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