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Exploring New York City’s Historic Meatpacking District with Jacquie Ottman


A native New Yorker and fifth generation member of the Ottman family, I have been chronicling the historic meatpacking district and my family’s storied meat purveying firm since my summers working there as a teen.  I first learned about my family firm’s history from my father Jack Ottman, whose forebears set up shop as butchers in the Fulton Market in 1850.  Ottman & Company then went on to operate out of the historic Meatpacking District (originally named the West Washington Market) from 1918 to 1985.

Today, via live and online talks and in-person guided walking tours, I share the intertwined history of the Meatpacking District, which embodies 400 years of NYC history, and my family’s firm. All amply illustrated by rare, archived images and numerous anecdotes passed down from previous generations of family members.

I look forward to meeting you in the historic Meatpacking District soon!  Scroll down to learn more, and sign up for an upcoming walk or talk.  — Jacquie Ottman, The Meatpacking Lady


LINK to View More 2022 Images of NYC’S Historic Meatpacking District by Klaus-Peter Statz

R & L Restaurant, later Florent, NYC's Historic Meatpacking District, July 9, 2022 Image: Klaus-Peter Statz

R & L Restaurant, later Florent, New York’s Historic Meatpacking District, July 9, 2022  Image: Klaus-Peter Statz

Pastis Restaurant, Gansevoort Street, New York's Historic Meatpacking District, July 9, 2022 Klaus-Peter Statz

Pastis Restaurant, 52 Gansevoort Street, New York’s Historic Meatpacking District, July 9, 2022 Image: Klaus-Peter Statz

3 Ottman Buildings in Gansevoort Plaza, New York's Historic Meatpacking District, July 9, 2022

Arts & Crafts Building located at 2 Ninth Avenue in New York’s Historic Meatpacking District. Built in 1913 by William Vincent Astor. Image: Klaus-Peter Statz








Jacquelyn Ottman, The Meatpacking District Lady, July 9 2022

Jacquie Ottman leading a tour of New York’s historic meatpacking district, July 9 2022  Image: Klaus-Peter Statz

Spectuacular view of lower Manhattan from Pier 57 Park

Our walking tours end with a spectacular view: this one, from Pier 57, after our Sept 13 2022 Evening Stroll  Image: James Russiello

BOOK a Private Online Talk or In-person Guided Walking Tour of NYC’s Historic Meatpacking District

Some of the groups who have enjoyed my walking tours or talks include:  The National Arts Club, Historic Districts Council, Culinary Historians of Ann Arbor, New York Adventure Club, Village Preservation, Archivists Round Table of New York, Guides Association of New York City, Docents of the High Line, Municipal Arts Society, Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York, Friends of the Upper East Side

LINK HERE TO CONTACT Jacquie Ottman, “The Meatpacking Lady”



ONLINE TALK:  The History of the Meatpacking District and Its Pioneers.  April 22, 2024  5:30pm  REGISTER

IN PERSON WALKING TOUR:  Exploring NYC’s Historic Meatpacking District.  May 19, 2024  11am  REGISTER


WHAT PEOPLE SAY about Jacquie Ottman’s Talks and Walks of NYC’s Historic Meatpacking District

“Great insider’s perspective on a piece of NYC history that was both personal and told a broader story…photographs brought the history of the meatpacking district to life.”

Enjoying the view from the Gansevoort Hotel, rooftop, Sept 10, 2022

Jacquie Ottman and friends take in a breathtaking view of the historic Meatpacking District, Sept 10, 2022

“What a story! So interesting, the entire history of the company and evolution of the area. Loved the old pictures. So personal yet also really universal and totally relatable.

“I enjoyed… learning not only about your family history, but heck, NYC history as well!! What a fascinating story. It’s always easy to see when people are passionate about what they’re doing – and Jacquie’s one great example of that.”

“The history of a family, a business, a neighborhood and a city all rolled into one!


READ Jacquie Ottman’s book, Ottman & Company: Meatpacking District Pioneers, now available at Amazon in paperback and e-book


LISTEN TO Jacquie Ottman Talking about the Intertwined 400-year History of NYC, the Meatpacking District and Ottman & Company


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READ “Preserving the Meatpacking District by Telling Its Stories”, Chelsea News, October 28, 2022


WATCH A FUN VIDEO of Jacquie Ottman and food historian Andrew Coletti recreating the recipe for the Salisburger, one of Ottman & Company’s most popular items. LINK HERE

Ottman & Co Salisburger

Tiktok Video of Jacquie Ottman recreating the Salisburger, one of Ottman & Co’s most popular items


LEARN MORE about the Ottman/ Ottmann Family in America

CONTACT Jacquie Ottman, “The Meatpacking Lady”