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Aligning Consumers, Residents & Employees with a No-Waste Mindset

Jacquelyn Ottman and her NYC-based team at J. Ottman Consulting can help you benefit from our insights into the No-Waste Mindset.  Representing our unique take on what it takes to consumers and residents to recycle, reduce consumption, and reuse more, it’s an ideal ways to get employees, residents, and consumers aligned with zero waste.

Keynotes and Talks

A highly soughtafter speaker at sustainability and green marketing conferences around the world, Jacquie will enlighten your audience about exciting new ways to ignite consumers with the potential to enhance their lives and communities through a strategic approach to zero waste.   Learn about specific Speaking Topics  HERE.

Zero Waste NYC Workshops

Jacquie Ottman facilitating a Zero Waste NYC workshop

Jacquie Ottman facilitating a WasteLess, LiveBetter workshop on how to align with NYC’s Zero Waste by 2030 Plan

Jacquie Ottman, founder and principal, J. Ottman Consulting, and WeHateToWaste.com, delivers highly informative and interactive “WasteLess, LiveBetter” workshops for NYC-based community groups, green teams and brand teams, with bespoke recommendations.

Participants discover why and how to align with NYC’s new Zero Waste to 2030 plan. They uncover new ideas for enhancing economic resilience and lightening our carbon load by reducing and reusing more in our buildings, offices and communities.  MORE

Consulting and Advisory Services

Jacquie’s insights in the 1980s made her a pioneer in the field of green marketing. Since founding her firm, J. Ottman Consulting in 1989, she has helped guide the green initiatives of over 60 Fortune 500 companies and the U.S. EPA’s Energy Star and the USDA Certified Biobased labels. Today she is positioned at the forefront of the Zero Waste movement, with the goal of aligning leaders with the business opportunities associated with a circular economy and zero waste.  Learn MORE.


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