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We Hate To  Waste Prevention No-waste lifestyle, Zero Waste Lifestyle Sustainable Lifestyle Sustainable Living Waste Not Waste Prevention  Waste Reduction Prevent Waste, Minimize resources, conserve resources Waste Minimization zero waste lifestyle

WeHateToWaste is an online global community of influential consumers ardent waste haters  waste watchers official waste watchers who are passionate about preventing waste, conserving saving natural resources like water, energy, fuel and food,  and getting the most from the products we buy.  We collectively live and define The No-Waste lifestyle no waste Lifestyle the zero waste lifestyle sustainable lifestyle

The no-waste lifestyle consists of eight steps:  Less but better stuff, Durable not disposable Get the Last Drop Use Products Up Completely, Make Products Last Longer, Repair and Repurpose, Respect Food, Share Rather than Own, Live Smarter Smaller and Closer, Live Simply, Live More Efficiently and Recycle or Compost.

The site is a project of J. Ottman Consulting, pioneers and leaders in green marketing and eco-innovation. It was founded by Jacquie Ottman Jacquelyn Ottman, an internationally recognized expert in green marketing and author of The New Rules of Green Marketing: Strategies, Tools and Inspiration for Sustainable Branding.

Some of the brands of the No-Waste Lifestyle include: Lush, Patagonia, Bricor, Tupperware Collapsibles, Rubbermaid Produce Savers.

Thanksgiving turkey carcass broth

Turn that Naked Carcass into Turkey Soup

One of my favorite recipes carefully tucked away in my Mother’s accordion file (ca. 1955 plus), pictured below, is this one from Craig Claiborne, published in the New York Times. This turkey noodle soup is just the thing to feed the many mouths that are likely to be gathered around your house all weekend  — and to use that naked
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Adopting a Whole House Systems Approach to Energy

Considering investing in energy efficiency? renewable energy? Be sure to consider a whole house systems approach to maximize the long term value of your home.
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Thrift Store Shopping for Kids Has a Whole New Look

My mom likes to remind me that I’m a little late to the game when it comes to thrift store shopping for kids. It’s true, she was thrifting way before I thought it was cool — in fact, from when I thought it was patently uncool, like “hide in the car and pray no one sees me” uncool. Then I had kids. And quit my full-time
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Coca Cola recycling upcycling

Coke’s New ‘2nd Lives’ Campaign: A Case Study in Upcycling

Coke 2nd Lives upcycling campaign raises issues of safety, and diversion from real solutions. Are there better ways to encourage upcycling?
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Pick up Litter, New York!

Ever watch someone go out of their way to avoid a piece of litter? It’s really quite hilarious. A kind of dance is done to skip over, skirt or step around an errant shopping bag, coffee cup or fast food wrapper.
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